By Marie Lu

The main character is Day and his companion is June. Their mission is to save the Republic from the Colonies

Summary:There was once the 50 states but all of that changed when suddenly it was split in two. The Republic is on the left side and the colonies are on the right. Day and June are from the Republic. All is well until the colonies decide they want more land. They launch a massive attack that makes a huge impact in the Republic. The Colonies have much more weapons and more scientists so June Go's to Antarctica for help. While day takes a group of elite soldiers and tries to blow up all of the Colonies air ships. Day blows up most of the ships so they think they have won but the Colonies had been working on an air ship that would be 10 times bigger than all of the other ones. follow Day and June on their adventure to save not only the Republic but also themselves main characters: Day: he is a very energetic and active boy who likes to steal and destroy things. But has a pure heart for his family. June: She is a republic trainee who hopes to one day lead many armys into battle. jemison: a mean military leader who commanded people to kill innocent people. setting: The setting is a very hot and dry terrain. Right in the middle of the republic which is the left side of the united states of america. They are in a very iscolated area where no people come in and people who go out die. Their main base is in Idaho so no one would look there.The time is ste in the 25 century with alot of advanced technology and amazing scientists. Book review: I would rate this book five stars because it has alot of adventure and a very good climax. It kept me very in the blue while it made a huge ending that I did not see comeing